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ChE Chartered Certified Economist © Certification Requirements - Public Requirements for Certification

1.An ABA AACSB, ACBSP, or Equis Accredited  Related Graduate Education Diploma or Degree.

2. Must have 3-5 + years of professional experience.

3. Agree to our Ethics Requirements

4. Agree to satisfy the Continuing Education Requirements.

* These accredited education and exam requirements have been public and disclosed on governmental and authoratitive websites for a decade

Certification Standards

The IMCB Board awards Certification to successful graduates of degree programs with the Highest Certifications Standards including:


  1. Accredited Degree Programs and Exams
  2. Government Recognized Programs
  3. Exams from Accredited Programs & Exams
  4. Double Accreditation
  5. Government Licenses

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