Chartered Certified Economist Economic Policy Analyst Government

Academy Chartered Certified Economist and Economic Policy Analysts

IMC International Certified Management Consultants Board of Standards Society Management Consulting Certification Certified Management Professional Certification

Other Notable Certifications recognized by the  IMCB ™  International Management Consultants Board


  1. Certified Public Accountant - AICPA
  2. Law License & Juris Doctorate or Law Degree - Bar Associations USA  -
  3. Federal Law Licenses - Federal Courts or EU Courts or
  4. AAFM ™ Certification
  5. CFP ™ Certification with an Accredited Degree
  6. IPMC ™ Project Management Academy - Certifications
  7. CFA ™Financial Analyst Charter Designation
  8. PFS Designation from AICPA


Certified Management Consulting Seal

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