Chartered Certified Economist Economic Policy Analyst Government

Academy Chartered Certified Economist and Economic Policy Analysts

IMC International Certified Management Consultants Board of Standards Society Management Consulting Certification Certified Management Professional Certification

Certifications from The IMCB ™  International Management Consultants - Graduate Board of Management Standards


1)  AMC  ™ Accredited Management Consultant
  MCP ™ Management Consulting Professional 
Board Certified in Management Consulting
2)  AFA ™  Accredited Financial Analyst ™
Board Certified in Financial Analyst
3)  MFP ™  Master Financial Planner ™
Board Certification in Financial Planning
4)  CPC ™  Certified Project Consultant ™
Board Certified in Project Management
5)  MBC ™ Master Business Consultant ™
Board Certified in Business Consulting
6)  CITA  ™ Certified International Tax Analyst ™
Board Certification in International Taxation
7)  CEA ™  Certified E-Business Analyst ™
Board Certified in e-Commerce Consulting
8)  CHRA ™   Certified Human Resources Analyst ™
Human Resources Certification
9)  CEPA ™ Chartered Economic Policy Analyst ™
Ecomomist Board Certification for Management Consultants
10) ChMA ™ Chartered Marketing Analyst ™
Marketing and Public Relations Board Certification.
11) RBA Registered Business Analyst
Board Certified in Business Analysis
12) AMA ™ Accredited Management Accountant
Board Certified in Management Accounting Analysis
13) CIPM  ® Certified International Project Manager
Board Certified in International PM Analysis
14) MPM  ® Master Project Manager
Board Certified in PM
Other Administrative Designations:
 RPS (Registered Professional Secretary)

RAP (Registered Administrative Professional)


*Certifications awarded by the Global Board of Management or Awarded/Licensed from the Board of Standards - Marketing Certification - Financial Certification - Management Consulting Certification - HR Certification - PM Certification -  Economics Certification - Tax Certification - Risk Management Certification

Management Consultant Certified Manager Consulting

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