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Academy Chartered Certified Economist and Economic Policy Analysts

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Global Recognition of The IMCB International Management Consultants - Board of Standards

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  • International Board of Standards - Professional Standards Member of the The CHEA Council of Higher Education International Quality Group (CIQG)
  • Member of ICE Institute of Credential Excellence
  • Member of ANSI American National Standards Institute
  • Member of NOCA National Organization Competency
  • Professional Member of ACBSP  Accreditation Commission Business Schools  
  • Recognized by the IPMC Management Commission
  • International Society for Business School Education
  • Member Civil Society United Nations DESA
  • National Organization for Competency Assurance
  • Association for National Business Education
  • International Federation Financial Standards 
  • UPO United Peace Organization
  • Harvard Business Review - Advisory Council
Institute for Credential Excellence
International Business School Management Consulting National Business Education Accreditation board

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