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The ACCE Academy of Chartered Certified Economists

We Invite you to join our Public Policy Council and Advisory Commission on Standards in Economics and Economic Policy.


The worlds First Economics Professional Designation - SINCE 1996
The Academy is the first to incorporate accredited education and exams as a path to achieving economics science and public policy certification.

ChE Chartered Economist ® & Certified Economic Policy Analyst
To become Board Certified in Economics or Certified as an Economic Policy Analyst, you must have an accredited masters degree in Economics or Financial Economics with at least 18 hours of graduate economics studies within an accredited Masters or Doctorate Program.


  1. Education: passing all economics science courses with a 2.5 or higher GPA.
  2. Experience: 3 Years of Economic, Financial Economics, Governmental, or Public Service.
  3. Accredited Degree from an accredited or governmental recognized program.
  4. Continuing Education
  5. Ethics - agree to the ethics requirements of the Society.
  6. Assessment and approval by the Board or official Nominator

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The Need for Quality Assurance for Public Policy Credentials
In this incredibly competitive world of news, industry, education and government, those with degrees and certification will invariably be prepared to compete for the top jobs and provide news, research, or public service having satisfied high standards.

The Chartered Economist ® and Economic Policy Analyst Designations - In 1997, the Academy created several designations for graduate students to achieve membership and designation for completing the graduate requirements.





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Famous Economics Quote

Friedrich August von Hayek, 1974 Nobel Prize Winner

"The curious task of economics is to demonstrate to men how little they really know about what they imagine they can design."

 Chartered Economist ChE

ChE Chartered Economist ®